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Best calcium for new mum’s!
Review by Anita
I started using Osteonorm when I became pregnant last year. I've used different calcium tablets before and none of them have really done any good for me. Once I started using Osteonorm I noticed that my nails and my hair started growing better. My little one is now seven months old and I still take it. And I couldn't recommend it enough really. My little one, when she was born, she already had quite strong nails on her. I really recommend it for anyone that's pregnant or had a baby because it really does work miracles.
Recommended for children in teething period
Review by Harijs
Harijs view on the taste and health benefits of Osteonorm MULTI with dried raspberries and natural raspberry juice. This is the premium formulation for a quality Calcium citrate supplement for children. Best for or children in their active growth period and throughout their life. Calcium is vital mineral for the body to maintain strong bones and teeth, muscles, healthy heart and nervous system.
Her experience during her pregnancy
Review by Renate
Osteonorm is especially recommended for pregnant women and after childbirth - to strengthen bones and to improve general health. Manufactured under strict control, Osteonorm knows what goes into their products so that the calcium supplement ensures a high quality product and you can be confident of what goes into your body.